General Product Safety

Introduction to the General Product Safety on the EU Market

General Product Safety Directive is the catch-all of product compliance for products which are specifically excluded from other legislations or those which do not have a more suitable path to conformity.

Examples of products falling under the GPSD include:

  • Low Voltage products falling below 50 V
  • Candles
  • Hair & beauty accessories, brushes and mirrors
  • Jewelry
  • Household goods
  • General consumer goods

EU General Product Safety Legislation

Until the publication of the General Product Safety Directive 2001/95/EC on December 3, 2001 and the subsequent 3 year transition period, the General Product Safety Directive 92/59/CEE was the reigning legal framework for general product safety products.

From January 14, 2004, the General Product Safety Directive 2001/95/EC became fully applicable in the EU as the only legal framework for low voltage products.

Key Facts

  • Any product to made available in the EU Market (either through e-commerce or brick-and-mortar) must comply with the GPSD
  • Non-EU manufacturers wishing to make their products available to EU citizens should appoint a professional Authorized Representative
  • Manufacturer is defined as:
any natural or legal person who manufactures a  product or has such a product designed or manufactured, and markets that product under his name or trademark
  • CE Marking is strictly prohibited for products falling under the GPSD - improper application of the CE Marking will serve as a red flag for Competent Authorities as they conduct their surveillance activities
  • Intervention of a Notified Body is not required for any conformity assessment procedures described in this Directive
  • Products which fail to comply may be subject to public notification (RAPEX), withdrawal/recall requirements, warehousing fees, fines or total destruction of the products
  • Each EU Member State is responsible for conducting their own market surveillance in order to verify compliance of products made available

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