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Introduction to Detergents in the EU Market

Detergents are defined by Regulation (EC) No 648/2004 as "any substance or preparation, whether liquid, powder or other form, containing soaps and/or other surfactants to wash or clean"

In order to make these products available on the EU market, there are


Manufacturer / Importer:

  • The manufacturer or importer located in the EU is responsible for the compliance with the Detergents Regulation
  • There is no reference to non-EU manufacturers – it is presumed that the importer will be responsible
  • There is no reference of an Authorized Representative to become responsible for the EU compliance of the products

Placing on the EU market:

  • Detergents with surfactant ingredients that are ultimate aerobic biodegradable may be placed on the EU market without further limitations

Information to be provided by the manufacturer / importer:

  • They shall hold and make available to the EU Competent Authorities:
  • Ultimate Biodegradability Tests – ISO 14593:1999 (CO2 headspace test) – Annex III

Ingredient Datasheet – Annex VII C

§   Name of the detergent

§  Manufacturer

§  List of ingredients with % (> 10%, 1-10%, 0,1-1%, < 10%)

§  Chemical name, CAS number, INCI name

Labelling requirements:

  • Name and trade name of the product
  • Name or trade name or trademark and full address and telephone number of the responsible for placing the product on the market
  • The address, email address, where available, and telephone number from which the ingredient datasheet can be obtained
  • The ingredients are to be indicated according to % ranges
  • The % of surfactants, preservatives and allergens must be indicated on the label – Anne VII

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