Bath & Beauty Accessories

Beauty products and devices which are used to apply cosmetics, style hair, etc. and do not directly fall within the scope of cosmetics have their own compliance paths to follow based on the intent of use of the product.

Below are some examples of various beauty accessories and the most likely legislation which will apply:

  • Make-up cases, brushes, hair clips, bath pillows, etc. | (General Product Safety Directive)
  • Curling irons, hair dryers, straighteners | (Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive / Low Voltage Directive)
  • Candles / Aromatherapy | (General Product Safety Directive)

Key Facts:

  • All products which are intended to be "made available" on the EU Market require technical documentation to demonstrate that they are safe for the end-user
  • All non-EU manufacturers should appoint a European Authorized Representative (EC REP) in order to ensure their compliance at all times
  • GPSD products prohibit the use of the CE Marking
  • EMC/LVD products mandate the use of CE Marking
  • Product labeling should be translated according to the official language(s) of the countries in which they are made available

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